Best way has become a sole agent for AIPU (Authorized distributor) for drilling fluid processing equipment in Egypt through authorization from AIPU Solids Control.

Shaanxi Aipu Solids Control Co., Ltd (AIPU Solids Control) is an ideal partner of drilling fluid processing equipment throughout the globe. AIPU Solids Control offers a complete range of specialist solutions, making use of current technology to provide clients with a range of competitive and efficient services. Oil & Gas Solids Control System Fracture Fluid Drainage Management System Drilling Waste Management System Oil Sludge Treatment HDD/Trenchless Mud System The main equipments: shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, centrifugal pump, degassers, mud agitator, mud tanks,etc Shale Shaker Screen

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Aipu shaker screen

Aipu shaker screen Belongs to Shaanxi Aipu Solids Control Co., Ltd (Aipu solids control). We moved in Xi’an in 2013, however, we have been in solids control and shaker screen industry over 18 years. Our main staff even shares in over 20 years of screen manufacture experience. We always focus on providing right shaker screen for all makes and models of shaker over the globe. Aipu take quality to heart and continuously improve products under “custom-oriented” standard. High quality shaker screen will optimize solids control efficiency finally cut costs for whole well drilling. Aipu quality screen at economical cost is the best solution for you.

What can We do for you?

  • Replacement shaker screen for almost makes and models
  • Shaker screens repair plug
  • Shaker screen clamping parts

Replacement screen panels available

Derrick shakers
FLC300 series shaker
FLC500 series shaker screen
Hyperpool shaker
48x30 series shaker screen
600 shaker screens
M-I SWACO shakers
ALS shaker screen
BEM-3 Shaker
BEM-6 series
MD series screen
MEERKAT shaker screen
SWECO 4x3 shaker
NOV Brandt shakers
Cobra, King Cobra series shaker
LCM series shaker
LM shakers
VSM series shaker screen
4x3 shakers
4x5 shakers
ELGIN shaker (Kemtron shaker)
ESS-48AG shaker
KDDX shaker
KDX shale shaker
KPT 28 shaker
KPT 26 shaker
Fluid system shale shakers
Black thunder series shaker screen
2L, 20L series shaker
50, 50/500 shakers
Vortex fluid systems shakers
DFTS shaker
Tri-Flo shaker

Even more and customization for you

Shaker screens repair plug

According to different holes on screen panels the screen repair plugs can be rectangular, hexagonal shape, triangle, and square shape, etcetera. The appearance can be black color, white, red, or orange. Please find picture as reference

Shaker screens clamping parts

Shaker screens clamping parts vary significantly among different shaker screens also manufacturers. Including the fixing hook, wedge block, and so on

Replacement shaker screens from Aipu

Popular API size of replacement screen

d100 separation µm API Screen number
> 780.0 to 925.0 API 20
> 655.0 to 780.0 API 25
> 550.0 to 655.0 API 30
> 462.5 to 550.0 API 35
> 390.0 to 462.5 API 40
> 327.5 to 390.0 API 45
> 275.0 to 327.5 API 50
> 231.0 to 275.0 API 60
> 196.0 to 231.0 API 70
> 165.0 to 196.0 API 80
> 137.5 to 165.0 API 100
> 116.5 to 137.5 API 120
> 98.0 to 116.5 API 140
> 82.5 to 98.0 API 170
> 69.0 to 82.5 API 200
>58.0 to 69.0 API 230
> 49.0 to 58.0 API 270
> 41.5 to 49.0 API 325
> 35.0 to 41.5 API 400

Why Aipu shaker screen?

  • Professional manufacturer on shaker screen
  • Excellent quality wire mesh and raw material
  • Mesh size conform to API RP 13C standard
  • High opening percentage
  • Efficient filtration performance
  • Quality painting after sand-blasting
  • OEM/ODM service available
  • Clients oriented improvement
  • High appreciation from users
  • Most reasonable price for cost-efficient solution

Aipu shaker screen available options

Punched screen plate hole
Screen surface/color
  • Hunter-MG Drilling Mud Shale Shaker

  • Specifications

Model Hunter MG3 Hunter MG4 Hunter-MGD
Handling Capacity 110m3/h 140m3/h 140m3/h
Screen Area 110m3/h 140m3/h 140m3/h
Screen Number 3 sheets 3 sheets 4 sheets
Max. Vibration Strength 7.0G 7.5G 6.0G-7.0G
Deck Angle -1-+5° -1-+5° -1-+5°
  • APZCQ Vacuum Degasser

  • Specifications

Treating capacity 240m3/h 270m3/h 300m3/h 360m3/h
Ratio 1.68 1.68 1.68 1.72
Efficiency ≥ 95% ≥ 95% ≥ 95% ≥ 95%
Motor 15KW 22KW 30KW 37KW
Pump motor 2.2KW 3KW 4KW 5.5KW
Speed 860rpm 870rpm 876rpm 880rpm
  • Hunter Mud Cleaner

  • Specifications

Model Hunter120 Hunter200 Hunter240 Hunter320
Treating Capacity 120m3/h 200m3/h 240m3/h 320m3/h
Desilter Cone 4"x8 4"x10 4"x12 4"x16
Desander Cone 10"x 1 10"x 2 10"x 2 10"x 3
Working Pressure 0.25~0.45 MPa
Separation Point 15µm-74µm
Bottom Shaker Hunter series
Vibration Mode Optional
Motor Speed 1500rpm/1800rpm
Remark 4" Cones treating capacity is around 12-15m3/h, 8"Cones treating capacity is about 30-35m3/h,1O" Cone treating capacity is about 90-120m3/h. Whole capacity of mud cleaner can be adjusted per actual demand
  • APCS Desander

  • Specifications

Model APCS60 APCS120 APCS240 APCS360
Max. Treating Capacity 60m3/h 90~120m3/h 200~240m3/h 320~360m3/h
Cones 200x2(8"x2) 250x1(10"x1) 250x2(10"x2) 250x3(1 0"x3)
Working Pressure 0.25~0.45MPa
Separation Point 44~74µm
Bottom Shaker Single deck screen sized about 1 m2 driven by 0.4KW motor. Or customzied
  • APCN Desilter

  • Specifications

Model APCN60 APCN120 APCN240 APCN360
Max.Treating Capacity 60m3/h 90~120m3/h 200~240m3/h 320~360m3/h
Cones 100x4(4"x4) 100x6(4"x6) 100x12(4"x12) 100x16(4"x16)
Working Pressure 0.25~0.45MPa
Separation Point 15~44µm
Bottom Shaker Single deck screen sized about 1 m2 driven by 0.4KW motor.Or customzied
  • APMA Drilling Mud Agitator

  • Specifications

Model APMA5.5 APMA7.5 APMA11 APMA15
Motor 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 15KW
Impeller Speed 60172RPM 60172RPM 60172RPM 60172RPM
Single Impeller 850mm 950mm 1050mm 1200mm
Dual Impeller N/A Up:800mm Up:850mm Up:950mm
Dual Impeller N/A Down:800mm Down:850mm Down:950mm
Ratio 25:1 25:1 25:1 25:1
Shaft Length Depends on tank depth
Power System 380V/50HZ,460V/60HZ (Customer built}
Remark Explosion proof motor is available, shaft stabilizer is available
  • APSB Centrifugal Pump

  • Specifications

Model Flow Rate Head Power Speed Efficiency
APSB8x6-14 255m3/h 32m 75KW 1450RPM 67%
APSB8x6-14 240m3/h 24m 55KW 1450RPM 63%
APSB8x6-11 220m3/h 23m 45KW 1450RPM 65%
APSB6x5-14 190m3/h 24m 37KW 1450RPM 70%
APSB5x4-14 120m3/h 30m 30KW 1450RPM 68%
APSB4x3-13 80m3/h 22m 15KW 1450RPM 65%
APSB3x2-13 50m3/h 25m 11KW 1450RPM 55%
  • APJQB Shear Pump

  • Specifications

Model Flow Rate Head Power Speed Efficiency
APJQB6545 155m3/h 35m 55KW 980KG 1150x1100x1500mm
APJQB6535 100m3/h 24M 37KW 800KG 1150x1100x1250mm
  • APSLH Jet Mud Mixer

  • Specifications

Model APSLH150-50 APSLH150-40 APSLH150-35
C-Pump SB8x6-13 SB6x5-13 SB5x4-13
Capacity(m'/h) 240m3/h 200m3/h 90m3/h
Head(m) 40m 35m 40m
Power(kw) 55Kw 45m 30m
Inlet Dia. 200mm 150mm 125mm
Nozzle Dia. 50mm 40mm 35mm
Compounding Density ≤1.8g/cm3 ≤1.6g/cm3 ≤1.8g/cm3
Compounding Viscosity ≤120s ≤120s ≤120s
  • APNJQ Mud Gun

  • Specifications

Model Diameter (mm) Pressure Nozzle Rotation
APNJQ50 50mm/2in Customizable 1 or 3 0~360
APNJQ80 80mm/2in Customizable 1 or 3 0~360
  • APMGS Mud Gas Separator

  • Specifications

Model APMGS800 APMGS1000 APMGS1200
Vessel Dia. 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Flow Rate 200~260m3/h 240~300m3/h 280~360m3/h
Inlet Dia. 5" 5" 5"
Discharge Line Dia. 8" 8" 10"
Vent Line 8" 8" 8"
Pressure customizable
  • APVCD Cuttings Dryer

  • Specifications

capacity 30~50t/h 20~40t/h
Drying efficiency < 5% < 5%
Screen Dia Ჶ900 Ჶ700
Screen Opening 0.25~0.5 0.25~0.5
Rotation Speed 900RPM 900RPM
Separation Factor 408G 408G
Main Motor 55KW 22KW
Oil Pump Motor 0.55KW 0.37KW
  • APMC Mud Cleaning System

  • Specifications

Model Capacity Separation Size Water Content of Discharge Power
APMC50 50m3/h 30 µ m < 50% 18KW
APMC100 100m3/h 30 µ m < 50% 22KW
APMC200 200m3/h 60 µ m < 50% 50KW
APMC250 250m3/h 60 µ m < 50% 60KW
APMC500 500m3/h 60 µ m < 50% 145KW